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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  July 24, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix. good afternoon, everyone. >> we begin with some developing news, a plane carrying over a hundred people disappeared in the desert in
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south africa. the plane went through an area that had a powerful sand storm, and they had asked to change the route because of the weather. half the passengers on board were french, and two more military planes carrying remains of the malaysia crash came today, and meanwhile the crash site was inspected, and they've successfully downloaded information from the flight recorders, no evidence it was tampered with. and a 40-year-old man was attacked last night at the pipe factory, he was pronounced dead at the scene. there are reports he was taking things from the factory, but they're still trying to figure out what happened. and a deadly crash again,
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one man killed, and the driver with life threatening injuries. a car missed the turn there, and the driver was arrested at the hospital for suspicion of dui. and a quick car chase ended in an arrest in oakland this morning, the california highway patrol officers received calls that a car hit two vehicles, they started a slow speed chase of the suspect before arrested him near 23rd avenue. photo fear taken just after the driver was arrested. and that chase and arrest caused major traffic problems today. take a look at the back up. lanes blocked, and cars backed up for miles. new at noon, there's more brand new affordable housing available in san francisco now. we're live with the details. >> reporter: yes, these places are beautiful. imagine this, a four-bedroom
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apartment in san francisco for around $1,500, that's what some folks are getting at candle stick heights. the official ribbon cutting was this morning. you have to make no more than 51 grand last year, some people qualify renting their own place in the city, it's a dream come true. >> i've worked in the community for years, a drove a school bus here for 23 years, i'm just glad i can afford to live in a very respectable and secure place. >> reporter: part of these buildings were originally built as condos here in the neighborhood, but when the market tanked they turned them into affordable housing. a lot of funding comes from the federal government. 192 units, 2,000 applications already came in for the units
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and they're pending right now. >> and you can find the link to the housing development and how to apply on >> american planes are landing once again in tel aviv, also today israel tank shells killed at least 15 people when it hit a shelter. there's a peace vigil organized by students for the 600 people killed in the middle east conflict tonight at 7:00. a serial arsonist will be in a courtroom this afternoon, he's accused of setting at least a dozen fires in january. one burned a church, a warehouse, and a house was al
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burned. -- also burned. and also today, players involved in the state senator's corruption scandal were expected at a hearing in federal court, but it's been postponed until next month. they were arrested in march. and starting today, some new restrictions are in effect for sales of e-cigarettes. studies suggest the cigarettes emit toxic criminals. back in march they expressed concerns about the effects on young teens. >> there's no reason to have a bubble gum, water melon, e- cigarette. it's the 31 flavors of getting kids addicted to nicotine.
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a group of employees is suing apple, the workers contend they were denied meal breaks, and rest periods in violation with california labor laws. more than 20,000 or count employees -- current employees were effected. auto defects and recalls are hitting gm hard. they expect to pay as much as $600 million to people for a faulty ignition switch. and you may have heard loud buzzing in the skies this morning, nearly 30 pilots took off for the 50th air rally. the event is the longest of its kind, and tests pilot's skills. they're on their way. and after 43 straight days
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of rowing, there's a winning team in the great pacific great. >> the team united nations spent months training for the trip. during the race they battled nasty weather and broken equipment. their biggest challenges were mental fatigue and occasional clash of personalities. a woman not even showing her pregnancy yet, but one cruise says not on her ship. why she wasn't allowed to board. and i'm live at the senior citizens center ready to play some bingo. it's coming up straight ahead. >> and we're in the weather center, here it comes, some serious southern heat. talk about that next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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take a look at the big four, wall street the dow is down 16, but facebook stock, if you own that is skyrocketing. they doubled their profits last quarter, and people who bought it when they first went public are now close to doubling their investment. and a canadian woman wasn't allowed on a royal caribbean ship because she's pregnant. she was asked if she was pregnant while boarding in florida. she was just five weeks along and hasn't seen her doctor aid and abet, and -- a doctor about it and wouldn't let them go on.
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the family had to see a florida doctor and the family had to pay their own way to catch up with the boat two days later. >> if you're pregnant would you want to be on a cruise ship? >> five weeks it's usually morning sickness. >> around the bay area today the sun is shining brightly now, the temperatures are warming up outside. get ready for serious summer heat. high pressure building in over head, the skies clearing out, we're looking nice and clear over the tower, and these temperatures heating up outside. into the 80s now, concord 83, 71 in san francisco, and 76 in
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san jose. we may see some fog tonight, but otherwise clear inland, and hotter weather into the weekend. this time of year usually temperatures in the mid-60s today it's well above that by the afternoon topping out about 76, so high pressure now building in out of the desert southwest back to the bay area, that's going to heat us up for today and really strengthen into the weekend, so temperatures likely to get to triple digits. computer models keeping the skies mostly clear into the afternoon, and then maybe a couple of patches of fog late tonight and early tomorrow morning near the close line, but not a -- coastline but not
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a whole lot. east bay temperatures up in the 90 in most spot, 80 in berkeley, and your sun set time for tonight 8:35, and looks out to the next couple of days, the heat is on, by this weekend changes sunday, maybe some clouds returning, so hot and maybe a little muggy and sticky too. doesn't that sound fun? >> i can't think of anything better. >> i love my hair those days. >> >. not too bad today. >> looking good. all right, so it's a different kind of game this afternoon. >> yes, roberta gonzales is in san francisco as the warriors organization get ready to take on senior citizens in bingo. >> reporter: oh, yes, has
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anyone won in bingo before? you have? oh, you're going to teach me how to play. anybody watch channel 5? i love you guys. we're here in san francisco, what are we doing here today besides bingo? >> yeah, we're honored to be here serving meals, playing games with the elderly, youth, and family, and helping to lift spirits. >> reporter: i saw the meals being served, so tell me how many are served on a daily basis? >> across the city they have 11 places, and it's over 10,000 meals. >> reporter: yes, and you're working with children. >> yes, we're very happy to be here today. >> reporter: this is amazing
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because it's an outreach program within the warriors, you guys as employees always gather and support your community. >> that's right, the last season our employees donated more than 1400 hour, and we're looking to up it to 2,000. >> reporter: that's a lot of hours and work. >> it's something the team and owners, and employees really embrace to give back to the bay area. >> reporter: and a found out when this program, they're actually moving location, you're going with them, it isn't just a one stop deal. >> yes, we're growing together. >> reporter: if you want to learn more all you have to do is visit us on line and click on links and numbers. roberta gonzales. all right, still ahead he was on his way to prison when a judge gave him a second chance.
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and then he gave others the same opportunity. pet lovers send us your questions about their health and well being and we'll have our pet expert give answers every friday at noon. we'll be right back. jake and i have been best friends for years.
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quality, full season. always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. well prison looked like a sure thing for this week's jefferson's award winner 25 years ago. >> but he wound up working to keep others from going back behind bars. >> reporter: terry remembers facing 140 years in prison. >> i had robbed seven banks, i got strung out on cocaine and alcohol real, real bad. i knew for all practical reasons that my life was over. >> reporter: but the judge considered his childhood of abuse and sent him to drug rehab instead of prison. and now he's proud to be drug and alcohol free and retired from a rewarding career. >> the union gave me an opportunity to really do something with my life.
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>> reporter: in 2005 he founded the nonprofit foundation to help ex-offenders to gain job skills to get a job. >> i will use the same fliers to show you. >> reporter: he helped train them for construction careers, and steers them into programs at city college and union apprenticeships. they built the new library and demolishing buildings. the same kind of union jobs that sustained him for 30 years. >> the work is made up and we pick it up tomorrow. >> reporter: frank williams refers them to terry. >> they can have nothing and he makes sure they get into a program, gets them tool belt, hard hats, he goes in his pocket and does it. >> reporter: when this man got
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out of prison terry paid for his construction tools and union dues. >> i got married, i just had a baby, i'm an iron worker, you know, and everything has been positive and working out for me and i'm forever thankful, to i look at him like a big brother. >> that's a real good feeling, knowing you can help one person. >> reporter: so for equipping ex-offenders for jobs, this week's award goes to terry anders. too hot for theaters, the trailer for the 50 shades of grey movie released on line this morning already has the internet abuzz. >> and if you have consumer questions call this number. we are standing by to answer your questions. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hit at the box office as we. "to what do you owe your succ it was a hit novel among female readers, and will probably will a hit at the box office as well. the trailer for the highly anticipated movie 50 shades of grey debuted on line today. the erotic trilogy will appear in theaters february 14th, valentine's day of next year. perfect. within minutes of the trailer's release, commenting were all over social media. >> you read all three books didn't you? >> i did. >> very good. and it's not the holiday season, but never too early to plan for it. and everyone needs an ugly
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sweater right? and the 49ers are selling on line to keep you warm at games, and perfect for the ugly sweater party. >> that's ugly! >> it is. >> do you want one? >> no, no thank you! >> and a matching tie! that does it for us, enjoy your day, folks.
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[ helicopter blades whirring ] >> bill: get to catalina, set up, go back, and get brooke. best part of all, no smidge to screw things up this time. [ doorbell chimes ] >> brooke: oh, hi! >> katie: hi. so, i'm here. what's the big urgency? >> brooke: oh, i just needed a break from deacon, who was over badmouthing bill. >> katie: oh, what was he saying? >> brooke: oh, it doesn't matter. i got rid of him, though. >> katie: going on a trip? >> brooke: uh... just to catalina. >> katie: littleat


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